21 February 2007

Group Forming

Well, we have dived in headfirst! Four of us have joined together to form a pagan ritual/discussion group. We're hoping we'll have more folks join in but I just recently listed us on Witchvox so it may be a while before we hear from anyone else. But with only one meeting we made a lot of decisions. We have already picked out our outdoor and indoor ritual areas. Now those places just have to be set up and organized. There will be a fire pit, permanent Maypole and altar right behind my herb garden in the corral. It's gonna be so great!

Big T procured some great old marble slabs so our altars should be awesome. We also made some decisions about how the group will be run. For example, we are kid friendly but only to a point. We're asking that the small children be left at home but we are accepting of older children who would like to participate. And I've made it clear on our listing that there will be certain occasions just for the over-18 crowd. We also decided that we will have two unique notebooks, a group BoS and record of the discussion meetings. Right now, I think we're planning on meeting every week, but that may change later, dunno. Our next meeting will involve arranging the outdoor altar and plotting things out. And next weekend we have our first group ritual! I'm so excited!


Malissa said...

This is great info to know.

Livia Indica said...


It seems kinda pointless now as the group has long since petered out.

I guess I'm destined to be a solitary.