01 December 2009

Under Construction Part II

Well, after receiving some great feedback from various readers I came to the conclusion that the worry I'd had from the beginning, about the readability of the text over the awesome background, was well founded. Yeah, the template was gorgeous but I should have stuck with my hard and fast rule against transparent templates. It was great looking but it presented too many problems and really did make reading difficult. So, now I've changed templates again with no transparencies this time! I've yet to add my title image or any of my widgets but I'll keep at it.

You may also notice, or you may not, I dunno, that I've got a lot more posts than I did last time you visited and that my label count looks a lot different and is now topped by "photography". Well, that's cuz I merged Sacred Spiral Creations, my photography (and sometime collage and occasionally textile craft) blog with this blog. It just makes sense to include my creative pursuits, such as they are, with Magic in These Hills which has, over the last year especially, become much more personal. So, if you are so inclined, please check out the new labels and see some of my so-called art. And, as always, feel free to offer some feedback about it! I'm hoping that getting those pictures and such out to more readers will inspire me and get me moving back into a creative mode.

Anyway, when I first started this blog I was dead set against including anything relating to my personal life. It was gonna be all business: mythological discussions, pagan issues in the news, witchcraft tools, ideas, ethics, etc. And while I've included all of that, and more, somewhere along the way I began including more and more personal stuff. I guess that was just a function of time as I began to make genuine friends throughout the blogosphere and felt the need to vent about my deteriorating family situation.

So, that's the news, that's the latest scoop. I'm pretty happy with this new layout: it reflects my personality with its firey swirls and spirals. I'd still like to know what you kind folks think of it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with it. I'd also like to fess up that I've been a terrible reader these last few months. As my urge to write slipped away from me any pleasure I got from reading the blogs of others was also stripped from me. So, for the time being, I'll refrain from adding a huge blog list. It's going to take me some time to (re)acquaint myself with my favorite, and new found, blogs. So, if you used to be in my blog list but aren't just yet, don't fret; I'll get to it! Thanks everyone for all of your kind words and patience over the last year or so. I'm back in the saddle again and it feels good!


Marion said...

What a terrific post...so full of positive energy! I love the look of your 'new' blog.

Livia Indica said...

Hi again Marion! Thanks, I'm glad you like how I'm doing things! It feels good to feel good, ya know?

Griffin said...

Hurrah! Blake! I love Blake!! This does look good, not that I'm biased that you've used Scorpio colours of red and black or anything!!!

Now then, 'some of my so-called art' Why so-called? To create and try things out is not just for 'qualified' artists. Your art is as valid as anyone else's. Nothing so-called about it. Love your photos and interesting use of batik and tie-dye too.

Come, come Livia, a little more faith in your creativity. Stiffen up the sinews, summon up the blood - imitate the action of the tiger! as Bill Shakespeare used to say.

Now you're in a new phase, becoming reborn (are you sure you're not a Scorpio?!!) take courage and create!

Livia Indica said...

Aw, Griffin, you're such a good guy! I know I can make some okay things but I just meant that I'm not up to a professional level.

And I'm glad you like the look of things and my choice of the Blake painting. I was thinking about adding a little text on the sidebar to explain who the artist is and all that but I kinda thought that most pagans would know it. I may still do that, dunno.

I don't think I have any Scorpio in my chart but I know I have Leo ascending or Leo something that will assert itself more and more as I age. That must be where my growing fiery tendencies are coming from!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'll be here forever, Indica Flower!!!

Love the upgrades!


Livia Indica said...

Hey Cygnus, good to hear from you!